Classic Sofa in Modern Environments

If you’re out there or have inherited an old couch or a classic style so you do not know how to integrate it with the rest of your furniture, here are some ideas. What do you think retapizarlo a very dark fabric, a black or graphite gray night …? If you also choose a nice velvet, the result will be spectacular.

classic black sofa

classic sofa

Or one of those sofas multiple modules that are in good condition but whose upholstery espeluzna you a little. A good idea is similar retapizarlo a mocha colored skin and even solve the backing with a quilted upholstery. Then, place it next to a drawing board or under a sixties model lamps and see how well it works.


If you enjoyed this eclectic style and you have a sofa of this type, do not worry, as they are fashionable you can find in many stores decor.