Cleaning leather armchairs

The leather is one of the most resistant materials over the years, as well as bring an elegant atmosphere. Easily adapt to any style. However, when we think of cleaning leather armchairs, ensuing a lot of doubts. This time we present you a few tips that will help you keep your seats clean and shiny as the first day, even in case of stains.

Although your armchairs not look dirty, you should clean them every so often, as in this way helps to maintain the shine and remove natural oils, dust and perspiration, which can ruin your appearance to accumulate.
General Cleaning: You can always clean leather couches with vinegar, as part of general maintenance. Just add one part vinegar to two parts linseed oil. Mix them and applied to the surface with a soft cloth. Leave on for ten minutes and remove excess with a clean dry cloth.

Ink Spots: Leather is an absorbent material, so the ink can stain the leather irretrievably if you do not act fast. Alcohol immediately applied using a cotton surface and then dried with a dryer at a low temperature. If the stains are old, this can work, it can only be more laborious.

Grease stains: If the stain is fresh, just sprinkle talcum powder over it to absorb it. Do not try to remove the stain with water, as this will only worsen the situation. Let absorbing fat talc Stir gently and then with the aid of a dry cloth. Repeat if necessary.

General tips for cleaning leather armchairs:
Leather is porous and absorbent, so you should clean it immediately if stain. Otherwise, the spilled liquid is absorbed hindering its subsequent cleaning.
Do not use harsh chemicals containing ammonia, because it ruins the leather.
When do general cleaning, always aspires dust before applying any product.
Your leather furniture away from direct sunlight or any heat source.
Do not use ordinary soap to clean leather couches, as this only makes them less brightness and weakens the fabric.
If water spills on the couch, do not try to dry it with a hot hair dryer. Best off the excess with a clean cloth and let it evaporate naturally.