Cleaning Tips to extend the life of your home

There are a number of tricks to extend the life of your home by cleaning. It’s about getting the most out of them siugiendo some effective tricks.

1st. Wooden floors:
Wooden floors should be dry cleaned. To do this, it is much better to use a mop which doses the product and then give a renovator or water based polish (no waxes or silicones). So, you get to protect the varnish and may overcoating without stabbing.


If there is only dust, just spend a mop with a tack cloth. Having static charges attract dust or lint. Thus, the life of the coating, which is usually about 8, 5.4 can be extended more.

2nd. Furniture:
Furniture should be away from radiators and heaters. If placed near, cause the lower wood humidity and this causes the sheets and edges from peeling, the joints are opened and the part is deformed. In addition, I recommend them as cabinetmaker wax renews, nourishes, slows deterioration and prolongs its life. Above all it must be done in areas that are low before fade by rubbing the mop.

3rd. Doors:
You have to spend a well wrung cloth on the doors. It makes it a clean microfiber with water only, no fluff and polish off. If there are stains, you can add soap. To give shine may be given a mixture of equal parts of vinegar, turpentine and linseed oil with a cloth very drained.

4th. Kitchen:
To last the grind, whether wood, laminate, PVC or lacquered, should be cleaned with a cloth moistened in warm water and mild soap, then dry with a soft cloth. Also, do not use polishes, bleaches, scouring pads or cleaning t robots as they can spoil your appearance. Finally, lime shortens the life of the taps and must end it.