Coffee Bench, a convertible furniture

Convertible furniture is trendy, more than that, in many cases are a necessity. Create flexible spaces with different functions that change throughout the day is one of its missions. And if they are original and beautiful, all the better.The aesthetic aspect is debatable, some like its minimalism, and others just horrified by it, but Coffee Bench, a convertible bench table or seat, is a very versatile solution.

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It is made ​​of wood, with a metal base that supports it, and consists of sixteen equal pieces that form the basis on which to sit. Each of these pieces is independent and could put both up and down, so they can provide become easily seat or table. So we can use it as a bench for three people or as a seat and side table. It can also be converted into two comfortable seats with armrests. Just move the pieces with a different furniture for every need is made.

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