Coffee tables decoration

Believe it or not, a coffee table can be the perfect space to display objects of beauty that may well be the “cerecita” of the decor of your living room or den. If you not yet very clear how you can decorate it, we show you the best ideas to renew your coffee table.  Something we’re seeing much in the rooms, especially on young couples or singles, is the desire to reflect a lifestyle bohemian and intellectual. So every day we see the art pieces and sculptures and paintings take center stage on the walls and corners of the house.

The books on the coffee table slowly becoming the accessory for a coffee table. Take the opportunity to display your literary interests with about 3 or 4 books stacked.

As an additional tip, I recommend that you take notice of the details of the books, and choose them according to the trend you want to keep in your room. For example, for a super bright room with white as the predominant color, a white cover books can be great.
Play with the assortment of books, always taking into account the rest of the decor of the room. If you feel your coffee table still looks empty or lifeless decor complements the vase or ashtray some interesting silhouettes. The books are only the basis of the decor while also adding volume and height to the center of your living room.

Empty or full, the bowls with minimalist designs are perfect as decorative items on the coffee table.  And watch out, you can fill them with various elements. Generally, it is usually filled with seeds or stones, but fruits also take place in the decoration and real or artificial. Why not fill the bowl to your table with green apples? The combination of wood and glass gives the feeling of freshness that both should look if your room is small. Conversely, if your room is very large and empty feeling, incorporates elements of color to give warmth.
Coffee tables and nature

Nature never goes out of style, but the ways in which it is incorporated into the interior design itself is changing over time, and always tends to become more focused and reduce its proportions.

If you are one of those who enjoy a touch of nature in your room, you have the option to include small petals flowers. today appreciate smallest details immense floral bouquets in the middle of the room.  Did you get past that when you withdraw visit each of the decorative objects you had in the coffee table to a leisurely coffee? To the joy of many a super handy decorative item and is being much more: the tray. Place on it jarones, photo frames, ashtrays, etc.. and give pizzazz to your coffee table.