Colonial and parquet

A colonial atmosphere in a room is a call to the scenery. The mixture of materials and strategically placed furniture give your parquet floor heat and an exotic touch trendy!


Follow our tips for a successful atmosphere!
Create a colonial atmosphere with wood
Here are some decorating ideas to create this colonial style home:

On a clear sisal rug, a coffee table with solid oak legs and full may be surrounded by a sofa and 2 leather armchairs patina.
The color of the essence of the coffee table can be matched to the prosecution for a better harmony.
A low wooden sideboard matching coffee table with drawers and doors cérusés will look the best in a discreet corner of the room.
Get a colonial atmosphere with accessories


For a colonial atmosphere, you can also play with accessories and light:

Tall plants, palms type group placed near a light source will bring a touch of greenery and exotic. You can find potted palms from 30 €.
The curtains of the room can be in earthy tones, so as to give the room a warm glow. You can find curtains from € 20 per pair 65 X 120 cm.
Typical objects can finish decorating your room, a mirror with carved wooden shutters, African masks, or carved appliques.

for a warm and exotic interior, follow our tips!
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