Color Greige and light wood in a modern 100 m2 large apartment

Some years ago, the color was named violin for the new fashion color as Chanel the new Nail Polish “Particuli√®re No.. 505” presented. The hot nude-tone has been confined not only on fashion and cosmetics and is already successfully implemented in the facility. This mixture of gray and beige is similar to taupe, but has more beige share in itself and has a slightly warmer.

color greige armchair sofa wood side tables

As wall color or a sofa cover, the pleasant color Greige can perfectly insert color concepts of all kinds and combine with almost all colors. Today we show you a fine example of how to make the apartment with shades of Greige.

color greige sofa relative living room living kitchen white high gloss wood

Set up color Greige

Greige is an absolute all-rounder and can either create an ideal stage for furniture and decoration or act as featured in the room. The apartment presented in this article is 100 square meters in size and is located in Bydgoszcz, Poland. The Interior is designed by the Interior Designer Iza Gajewska and characterized by neutral colors and high-quality furnishings.

color greige living room sofa chairs wood wall panels dining table
Color Greige for a casually cool and cozy style

“Simplicity is the highest level of perfection, ” the great Leonardo said once since Vinci and this quote is expressed in this modern interior. The color scheme in the living area is limited to neutral colors such as white, Greige and light wood and only a wonderful wallpaper with a Palm tree motif accents in mint and pink.

color greige sofa chairs fireplace insert flat screen TV wall

The new furniture collection from SABA Italia is called “New York” and includes sofas, armchair, and chairs, the design of which should represent the atmosphere of the Big Apple. If one more look at the furniture, you’ll see immediately other jewels of recognized brands such as the ameba pendant lights by Vibia. The bathroom is in a cream white head with copper-colored accents like the Citterio fittings by Axor and a wall mirror. The highlight is the mosaic with rose motif by Bisazza, that wonderfully romantic works.

bathroom glass shower white marble badfliesne optics

bathroom motif bath brick wall mosaic roses

bathroom tiles marble optic white fittings copper gloss

bathroom wall mosaic tiles rose motifs white marble optics

bricked bathtub tiles bathroom wall mosaic roses white marble optics

color greige chair relative large size wall tiles floor living room

color greige dining area chairs wall wallpaper palms pink mint accents

color greige dining chairs wood dining table rectangular gray xxl floor tiles

color greige tiled floor living area inside doors wooden

Corridor floor tiles wood optics wallpaper palms pink fitted wardrobe

eat in kitchen deco white orchids abreitsplatte marble optics

eat in kitchen wood high gloss white fronts black accents mounted devices

Guest bath walk-in shower wall mosaic black and white

guest bathroom wall white floor tiles radiator

guest bathroom wood tank tower basin mirror shine black

home office mobile desktop black wall shelf wood white

home office wooden flooring stonegrey wall mural panels

interior doors color greige corridor wood wallpaper palm motif

interior doors color greige large format floor tiles wood

tray table decoration blue ceramic vase