2016 Amazing color of walls with blue floor

The color of the floor is very important when choosing the color of walls, and hence the rest of the decoration. When there are with neutral colours or wood flooring there is no problem since any hue can be used on the walls.

Color of walls with blue floor (1)

But if it is color that doubt arises if it will look good with this or what tone. This is one concern that many I have echo to get repeatedly, and have also expressed in the questions and answers section. What if you have a floor or ground blue?, let’s see some options:

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The most used in these cases for the wall color is white, with a light atmosphere generated since the light is reflected by the white paint. In addition creates a space for a very cool climate, so it is no wonder that white and blue colours are preferred for houses of beach and nautical-style decoration.

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Another highly recommended option is grey. This neutral hue looks good with a floor of any color, in addition to creating an atmosphere with an air of modern and sophisticated furniture accompanied them. Grey hue will depend on the brightness that you pretend to the environment.

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You can also include other blue on the walls if you have floors in this same hue, a softer or darker color, depending on the light. It is always good to combine with objects in white and other shades to make not everything very monotonous.The pastel colors can accompany pretty well on a blue ground, such as peach, beige, lavender, soft green, sand or pale yellow. To give a range of colors to the environment it can accompany violets or Greens in textiles and some accessories. These two colors are analogous to blue, so it will create a very harmonious space.