Color Scheme Interior: Combine a monochromatic range

The monochromatic scheme is to choose one color as a base color and then, based on that base color, choose colors of the same, softer, ie, more intense range adding more white, more black or three main colors, red blue and green. In this case, the monochromatic palette is a primary color, to which we added yellow, black and white.An example is the following: Suppose we have chosen a wood furniture with halftone and want to choose colors that complement our furniture.


The strip in the middle shows the color of the wood and the adjacent stripes of different colors show the same monochromatic palette. You can choose the color amber cream colored walls or, as the chocolate brown is a very smart choice for sofas, chairs and occasional furniture and can adapt to greenish brown cushions and accessories.

Another example of monochromatic range, in this case taking into account the color of the floor (floor). As we have chosen the wood in the example above and many homes have wood floors or that mimic wood, look for a monochromatic palette for a ceramic floor.


In the central strip you will see the color of the soil and surrounding stripes are the same monochromatic palette. Brown can serve you to choose the color of the wood furniture and cream tones can be a good choice for sofas or walls.

In this combination of colors for interiors has opted for a monochromatic palette, mixing it with white. Monochromatic color combinations are great for bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms for babies. Depending on the base color you choose, ie warm or cool colors, the effect can invite relaxation, you can be more energy, making our stay seem brighter or decrease the excess light.


For the combination of a monochromatic range not too stifling or the opposite, too bland, you can choose two combinations. In the image below you’ll see that the bedroom is decorated in a monochromatic range and a range of complementary colors as it does not get enough light and dark blue tends to make. Therefore, white ceilings, baseboards, wood shelving and cream tones of the carpet provide light.











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