Colorful pots for our indoor plants

Good morning friends, the truth is that I love the color .. colorful décor can be achieved by decorating with colorful pots .. something that gives joy and want to smile ..And this is good and therapeutic, let’s see what we can do to make our both indoor areas, as areas outside , are much happier.There is a wide range of possibilities to make our spaces more cheerful … for example through color.
colorful pots . A great idea and if you like plants and flowers , is decorating the pots you have at home with colors.To decorate the pots, made ​​of colors , you can use many techniques, styles and different designs.

Indoor Pots and Planters

Today I leave you with some photo to give you an idea. Think decorate some of your pots or buy pots of colors, see how happy our home.Also in the market you will find all kinds of pot, in many different colors. You can buy boxes of colors or paint the ones you have. Try choosing bold colors and harmonious combinations. You can decorate with neutral or color pots also incorporate two or more colors to the decor.
But you need not be only solid colors, you can add designs you want to do .. from do it yourself with a brush or a special pen … to add other elements. With a bit of silicone or other material to help fix, we can add some colored beads.
The truth that decorate the pots has its charm! Another great idea is to use your saved textile craft and other things, and line the fabric pot. It is much better than it looks and you can decorate any room in your home. Add a beautiful centerpiece with colorful pots, put them on the stairs, on the terrace, on the wall, in the garden or on the balcony ..

Look at that pot most original for our plants. If plants and in itself give life to the inside of a house, placed in one of these colorful 
pots will give you twice the life. Each of the pots is made ​​of layers of fabric and are bonded to the structure with collage effect. Its innovative design and artisan touch charm just give these creations.

To decorate the terraces, you can unleash your creativity playing with colors and contrasts. It is often advisable to include climbing plants such as ivy or fern because they are very resistant and offer a beautiful shade plant that will be appreciated. They can also add winter roses or jasmine, which give a touch of exotic perfume besides space. Aromatic herbs such as rosemary, thyme, sage and bay leaves are also very suitable for terraces, and to join together the useful to the pleasant. Some small vegetables such as cherry tomatoes or radishes also bring a bit of color.

For a good design of your patio, you can choose from a wide range of pots, hanging baskets, trays or pots. It is advisable to choose containers made of lightweight materials such as plastic or wood. Similarly, it is desirable that all have the same style, as this will prevent an effect of disorder and give coherence to your decor. To plant flowers, fill the containers with potting soil mixed with clay pebbles or gravel to facilitate drainage. Water the plants regularly, especially at sunset, to conserve moisture. Automatic irrigation is also a very good solution, especially if you do not have much time. To keep the plants periodically need to remove dead leaves and spraying with insecticides or fungicides to prevent disease. The hanging baskets should be hung with care to prevent falls in case of possible storms.

Decorate with plants inside decontamination
Besides its decorative function, plants have the ability to clear the stale air inside the houses. Many people think that the air in your home is not contaminated, but you should know that electronic appliances and add to the pollution from outside. Leaves of some ornamental plants have the ability to absorb the pollutants present in the air. In fact, the more toxins breathing a plant, more oxygen and releases water vapor, which contributes to the cas have a healthy and moist air. Some plants are known for their ability to purify the air, as the tape (Chlorophytum Comosum) or the Spathiphyllum potus. Indeed, for each pollutant there is a plant that absorbs it.

You have three color combinations to choose from, but each has the same dimensions: 17 × 17 cm.If you want to give an innovative touch of color to your floors with a slight touch of craftsmanship , these pots are just what we were looking for.



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