Combine color ochre – gold ochre color of the year 2016 in the Interior

Last year the American color company has chosen 2016 PANTONE rose quartz and serenity for trendy colors. Competitor Dulux is the favorite gold ochre and should bring to light rooms. The color is slightly darker than the conventional color ochre, but has also a warm effect and gives us a positive attitude to life.

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If you would like to record this color of the year 2016 in your modern decor, then you’ll be looking for this article! We will show you how to combine the color ochre and what colors do this would ideally fit today. Ochre belongs to the Earth and is associated with Sun-warm stone, honey, and spices. The natural earth pigment is a mixture of lime, quartz, Limonite, and clay minerals, but won only in small quantities from Earth. Today, ochre on artificial base is manufactured from Eisen oxi Farben and is known as the iron oxide yellow. Acrylic paints are mixed together yellow, red and blue, then the color is ochre. With white and black, the mixture can brighten or-or darken.

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Gold ochre can be used in the whole world of design and is in art, architecture, fashion and design on the rise this year. The color should reflect our spirit and enhance the room with new splendor. Your task is to act, not only for himself but so between other trendy colors.

There are many ways to use color ochre in your own four walls in a scene. As the wall color is ochre warm, friendly and resisting stimulating. According to the Feng Shui teaching symbolizes the Earth and stands for longevity. It is recommended to delete only one accent wall in gold ochre and the other to select a similar shade such as terracotta, mocha, cappuccino. Earth tones create a cozy atmosphere in the living area and remember warm autumn days.

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Gold ochre is for you to color-intensive and expressive, then you can delete only semi-high the wall. You need only the duct tape, paint roller, and a few newspapers to get out.

Are you planning to buy a new sofa for the living room? Then you think about whether the trend color would match the rest of your decor and your key. Even to ochre relax armchair can be used alternative to real eye-catcher in the room. Combined color ochre itself perfectly with copper and brass because these metals mimic the warm glow of gold. With cardboard and blond woods such as birch, oak, beech and maple, gold ochre lake itself as well.

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Fresh grass green us raises the security and stands for an optimistic future. Combined with ochre and brown the strong tones completely unfolds its wonderful effect. Add a few plants to your yourself sofa and bring the nature in the living room!

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Ochre is basically on the basis of yellow-brown and can be described as one of the infinitely many shades in the brown area. If you have dark wooden furniture, gold ochre is a great way to brighten up the room with color. Not only that powdery rose quartz is gaining ground. Coral, apricot and old rose look festive and can be beautifully combined with gold ochre. You can nicely complete the color combination with Marsala and muted reds.

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At Dulux have earthy shades of red for the rich heritage of our history and reminiscent of old master paintings. Combined with a touch of gold and neutral colors such as beige or brown they look vintage and modern at the same time.

Color ocher combine dusky green living room bedroom

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