Compact Dining Designs

Today the possibilities of acquiring large apartments are a bit more scarce which is why on the market dining options compact and portable, which save space beyond allow folding them and turn them into highly decorative design pieces after use .comedor-compacto-rojo


This model of 4 seats with red cushions make it a functional option for families or singles so they invite their friends frequently.

compact dining table

This design has dual function by its rectangular shape allows when collected be used as furniture to place objects and when open is used as a dining area for 4 people.

compact dining table01

Its cushioned seats on the floor let your own dining evoke oriental design fusing modern lines and colors such as white and orange.

compact dining table02

This white sphere when opened gives us a comeor capacity up to 6 people, with a lamp included, padded seats and obviously an attractive design that will give much style to our home.