Concrete floors with floral prints

The polished concrete floors (or microcemento, that is his real name) are all the rage. They became trend a few years ago, and as has been growing taste for industrial environments, have finally prevailed. Today you can find in many colors, but until now had not found a design as original as I show.
Unlike wood you don’t have to worry about waxing or using sealers. Routine maintenance includes dust mopping and wet mopping. This removes the dust and stain that gets collected on the floor. Water and simple chemical free cleaning agents are enough to clean the floor. And if the floor is stained, a simple mop with a soft pad is enough to clean it. A major problem with other types of floorings is that they need to be protected from stains and hence need floor covering materials like carpets etc. Concrete flooring is also available in a wide variety of colors and can be used to create a stunning visual effect. Patterns can be created by cutting into the surface and creating a tile effect or any other desired effect.

They can also be made to replicate the effect of natural stone. This is done by acid staining the concrete with a variety of acids and then polishing it to create an effect of marble and granite. The technology used to polish concrete has advanced to such a level that it is now possible to create high polished floors that do not need waxing or polishing at all. You can get different levels of sheen; from satin to high gloss.

Polished concrete is popularly believed to be slippery. But these aren’t any more glossy that ordinary concrete and yet less slippery than polished marble. But if you’re worried about the accidents, you can always apply anti-slip conditioners. These conditioners contain additives that make these surfaces less prone to accidents.

The truth is that the floors you see in the photos, the firm based in San Francisco Transparent House, take a few years on the market … and yet still very original. Because they offer the modernity of polished concrete floors with chic prints of flowers in relief.

Refine the cement
According to the designers, the idea was to find a way to “refine” the concept highly industrial and contemporary indoor polished concrete. And they did it in a simple and effective: by representing embossed flowers, scrolls … The concept can actually play any decorative motif, can be done during the spill, but also when the cement begins to set. The fine floral ornaments and extol the simple nature of the cement floor clean, while adding a contrast warm and alive. And of course, emphasize the cold austerity of the material.

Rustic and contemporary
These fantastic soils are perfect for contemporary settings, but the truth is that I see them in cottages, rather rustic decor … The point is that I find beautiful, with a very simple and yet decorative. Moreover, as the drawings are made in sunk relief, light subtly plays games with them creating shadows that enhance its beauty. You can find these and many other soils fantastic creations Transparent House on your website.