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The gray material celebrates his comeback! Concrete lamps, tiles, decoration – the trend and moves us. In the mix of styles with soft fabrics and warm colours, the brittle building material acts charming and comfortable rather than cold and hard.

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In the first moment, I find suspect the thoughts of concrete in my apartment. Sounds kinda cool, and after construction. After an extensive search on the Internet and various living magazines, I’ve changed my mind. Concrete looks properly combined, very beautiful modern. In addition to furniture and decoration are above all tiles in concrete look. I had taken many positive characteristics of the tiles never viewed in. They are dirt-resistant, impervious, durable and hygienic, what distinguishes them clearly from floor coverings, such as carpets or wood. I especially like tiles in oversize because they radiate a certain elegance through their XL form. Who is now on the taste, the look here and searches for his favorite tiles in concrete look.

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Because my apartment has been a floor covering, I dedicate myself the home accessories made of concrete. There are lamps with concrete umbrellas, stools, tables, or candle holders. Many shops offer their self-designed concrete objects and thus apparently meeting the taste of many fans of the device – and also my! I found the most beautiful parts of concrete here. The many DIY ideas that I encounter from various blogs and portals are striking. Now the pleasure grabbed me and I want to produce even a candle holders from concrete. In addition to the child’s play Anwendunghat especially the material list convinced me, that completely low. You will need to:

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I would like to pour like a tea light holder me, I’ve seen here. To do this, I’m two divisible, different-sized plastic balls at the craft store, this metal paper and away you go. First I the big ball from the inside with oil pinsele a, then the outside of the little ones. I mix a small amount of concrete in and pour the liquid easily mass up to half in the big ball. Then I press the small ball copy Centre in the concrete, but only so far that the liquid does not exceed the big ball. The whole construct I’ll to dry on a simple glass and complaining the Interior of the small ball with a stone, so that the plastic frame out won’t slip. After approx. two hours is the concrete dried and can be solved thanks to the oil out of the Sockets. So on the uneven edges, the experiment has succeeded and it looks not so bad.

betonmöebel tiles make itself concrete look DIY Project

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