Connect Shabby Chic living room – old and new in the living room design

If you want to have a traditional living room, putting on interior design styles, which can be identified at once and therefore the living room look unique. The Shabby chic style is one such. Its features are easy to spot and the living room is not usual or normal. If you want to create a charming living room design, we will give you a few fine examples, how to set a shabby chic living room. Enjoy these and collect inspiration!

Shabby chic living room carpet authentic objects

Which distinguished the Shabby chic style? As firstly the fact makes an impression that rooms at the shabby style chic have a romantic aura. At the same time, they have a nice vintage look. Is outside a room in Shabby chic style, characterized by a harmonious look out. This is a popular style of furnishing, transforming the space into a comfortable ambience with character.

Shabby chic living room elegant furnishings striped rug

As it is also in a country house style, it combines the Shabby Chic with a sense of romance. If you want to give your living room just a touch, the Shabby Chic perfect ideal. You can set up chic style living room in shabby, could be created but also a modern ambience, in which one includes a few characteristic elements. Fabrics, textiles, and furniture have to past times. Characteristic of the furniture is that they have small blemish, and just makes you look charming. Look used, but that is the objective of this furnishing style – the room to give an authentic look.

Shabby chic living room furniture Fireplace white fresh flowers

This style is easily recognizable thanks to wood furniture and floral prints. Shabby Chic living room are decorated in bright and soft shades. The decoration plays a key role in its establishment. Mixed patterns and beautiful chandeliers contribute rooms to the unique look of shabby chic.

Shabby chic living room a romantic look flowers

Shabby chic living room decorating ideas-throw style wall mirror

Shabby chic living room sofa style set up Throw stone wall

Shabby chic living room sofa white wood accents tischdeko flowers

Shabby chic living room wall mirror pillow floral pattern

Shabby chic living room white wall paint beautiful interior design ideas

Shabby chic style ambiance fireplace living room set up wall mirror white

Shabby chic style decoration ideas living room beautiful carpet

Shabby chic style living room coffee table green plants

Shabby chic style living room set up round carpet decorating ideas

Shabby chic style living room set up stripe pattern plans

Shabby chic style living room white Fireplace

Shabby chic style striped rug switch coffee table living room

Throw shabby chic living room floral design carpet