Contemporary Big Double Bed

The modern style in the bedroom is a breath of fresh air. If you are tired of the classic touch to your room and you want to give it a look now . ‘s contemporary drinks a lot of minimalist style, so keep the premise of always using the fair objects, avoiding the overhead of elements.

double bed metal frame

So do the lines furniture and details. seeks simplicity of the decorations and flees  Basic tips go find a palette of colors appropriate to decorate bedroom modern and reduce the ornaments and decorative objects to a minimum. Also, the design and layout of the furniture is very important to give a modern look to your bedroom.

double bed vs full

You can also choose to paint the room in two colors, with three of the walls in a light shade (white is preferable) and one learns a lively color.
This solution is only suitable for rooms with lots of natural light, and also will paint the wall that will be receiving all the light from the window. capacity using materials modern as stainless steel, glossy lacquered wood, glass or acrylic.  lighting should be natural and abundant. The modern environment requires clarity and enhancing the natural light and artificial lighting decántate white halogen lights.


For furniture, seeks simplicity in shapes, straight lines and no frills. The Look them polished and shiny finishes. With regard to decorative accessories, these should be few but with personality. Both of them as the other elements of bedroom designs look simple straight lines and unadorned.







double bed with trundle

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