Contemporary design in wood baths

Baths of contemporary wood design reforms in bathrooms with a different style and avant-garde In case you’re looking for an inspiring design and reform your bathroom or redecorate to give a warm and modern touch, here’s an example.

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The elegant bath comes with a customizable design and, with a spectacular appearance, no matter the resignations of the space of the bathroom, this style fits to any dimension.

design wooden bathtubs

This series of contemporary bath designs are produced by a company specializing in the construction of yachts and high quality wood processing, the product in the photos promises quality and durability.

Modern bathroom taps bathtubs design

While the tub base has an interesting shape, its exterior is rectangular, so it is easy to integrate into a variety of modern bathrooms of medium and large size. On the other hand, the potential user can choose between various materials of finishes and sizes. You can also opt for an integrated jacuzzi. The design of this product is really captivating and, finally, inspire enough.

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Reforms bath tubs modern design renovated bathrooms

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