Contemporary Kitchen Design Circular

The kitchen furniture not only offers the convenience of storing all kitchen accessories and utensils used in this environment , it also has an influence on the aesthetics of the room. So choosing a particular model, such as the design that we show today circulated, that weight in the decoration is even more interesting.

curved kitchen cabinets

The Italian design once again to score trend and affirm a style , and this firm is specialized in creating kitchen furniture with over 40 years in the global marketplace, offering alternatives and absolute constantly renewed today. The company is dedicated to the continuing experiment bringing new solutions to the requirements of modern homes.

Volare furniture line stands out for its originality and its high quality, luxury it is present and shows a design choice that fits inside contemporaries. In this design the eye is striking furnishing form, combining an interesting lines and curves formed by a space saving and generous working surface.

This defines circular kitchen modern and functional decor includes modular parts that come in a rather broad combination of materials, different finishes: gloss lacquer, matt lacquer, wood gloss, matte wood, pine Bellow, metallic glass in various colors , you can even choose between shooters or hangnail, to select the one that best suits the aesthetics of each stay.

The modular design of this collection to create a custom kitchen that meets the conditions of each space, resulting in a comfortable and practical furniture. With cabinets made ​​of melamine water repellent, the major form of this furniture combines a comfortable and ernogómico storage space.


curved Kitchen Countetops

modern small kitchen

Round Kitchen Countetops

Round Modern Kitchen

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Round Kitchen Island Design