Cork floor lay – practical alternative to wood floors

The cork flooring offers a convenient alternative to traditionally popular wood floors, laminates and parquet. Because the material is sustainable, natural and easy to care for. Who wants to install a cork floor, bring nature to your home and enjoy at the same time the numerous advantages of the pavement.

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Cork is a sustainable natural material, which is obtained from the bark of the cork tree. The process does not damage the tree – that’s why he is regarded as an environmentally friendly alternative to hardwood floors and parquet. Nowadays he enjoys an increasing popularity and find new followers. The advantages of the cork flooring at a glance:

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-The material fascinates with a natural look that is similar to the wood. -Thanks to its attractive color blends harmoniously into the modern living picture and adds a cozy touch to the Interior. Cork can be equipped with different colour coatings on request.

-Cork has good insulation properties and a very pleasant touch. Also, it offers an excellent sound insulation – and therefore is perfectly suited for use in the living room.

-The material is robust and resistant and repels dust, is a good choice for homes with allergies.

-Cork is extremely easy to care for – maybe that’s why more and more families with pets and small children choose.

Those who opt for a cork floor can buy precast slabs. Before the cork flooring can be embarrassed, unevenness in the substrate must be compensated. Then are two ways – either glue the Cork to the surface, they are mounted or floating / similar like a laminate floor /. In any case, it is important to note the exact installation instructions from the manufacturer, so that the plates are not damaged.

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