Corten steel plate & red accents in a minimalist house in Peru

If you are looking for modern styles, you will immediately fall in love with this house. It is located north of Peru in the coastal area called Piura. From the outside as well as from the inside impresses the house by an attractive and contrasting combination of reddish corten steel sheet and grey, neutral concrete for the façade and inner walls. In addition, there is a modern and stylish interior which is as neutral as it is, and which adapts in colour to the concrete walls and, on the other hand, also offers colour accents in orange and strong red. Take a closer look at modern architecture with minimalist design and collect inspiration for your own interior.

CorTen sheet corridor-design-original laminate parquet red-railing

Already on the ground floor, you are amazed. The terrace is also the perfect extension of the modern living room and offers several seating possibilities, which are used for different purposes. A canopy roof is created here by a modern roof extension, which is equipped with unique perforated panels made of corten steel sheet, which on both sides represent a beautiful, decorative element and at the same time also serve as sun protection. The reddish-orange colour of the steel is complemented by the Sofa cushions, which decorate the terraces.

Corten steel sheet-mounted front-modern-shelf-white-wood

While orange is used as an accent in the exterior, red is used for the interior. The design of different shades of grey and wood surfaces is given a certain vividness with this vivid hue, which even underlines the modern appearance of the rooms. Apart from the stylish red armchairs with stools that can be found in the living room and bedroom, the spiral staircase of steel with this colour also impresses. Steel is a further keyword here because apart from concrete and wood, the material plays an important role. Not only the façade is adorned with steel, but black steel beams are also shown open in the rooms and thus serve as a decorative element instead of being concealed in the room design.

CorTen sheet-second-etage-maritime architecture idea Corten steel sheet-inspiration-roof-bird-spective-roof terrace corten steel-sheet-bedroom-exotic flair-chair-red face protection Corten steel-sheet-contemporary-architecture-design-peru-house corten steel-sheet-corridor-bridge-modern steel-railing black corten steel-sheet-exteriors-design-ideas-peru-tiles-gray corten steel-sheet-facade-perforated-minimalist-house-design corten steel-sheet-floor plan ground floor-house-design-minimalism Idea corten steel-sheet-living room-gray-tiles-concrete-walls-roof sloping corten steel-sheet-living room-red accent gray-establishment carpet corten steel-sheet-minimalist-garden-sunshade balcony corten steel-sheet-pool-modern-design-terrace Corten steel-sheet-side-vacation-house-villa-project-house corten steel-sheet-spiral staircase-steel-bright red-and-white shelf corten steel-sheet-terrace-sitting area-gray-sofas-sunscreen-metal-hearth