Country cottage kitchen design ideas

The design of your kitchen should fulfill and satisfy all your needs, while giving you a beautiful look. The kitchen design is basically the functional unification of kitchen appliances and cabinets and kitchen appliances. Plan your kitchen design by recording the problems facing his former kitchen and rectify the design of your new kitchen. Space is the most important part of a kitchen design. Design your kitchen according to the measure of the room, with enough space for all the kitchen appliances, as well as cooking and cleaning.


Lockers are installing more functional storage in a kitchen. The selection of kitchen cabinets is crucial for establishing the full kitchen. The cabinets of your kitchen should have a solid foundation to add metal runners face for easy sliding. Designing suitable cabinets with partitions, keeps dust caught between spaces. The pantry is an essential section of any kitchen. Find a pantry for storage of certain products in bulk. The pantry should be located within or adjacent to the kitchen, for flexibility and storage. The worktable should be good-looking, durable and easy to clean.

The commissioning of the plumbing (water filters, installation of sinks, dishwasher) and electricity services (kitchen lighting) should be planned in advance. The shadow trap can occur with inadequate lighting in the kitchen. Thus, we must avoid the trap of shadow by planning the right lighting for your kitchen. Plan integrating kitchen appliances (fridge, microwave oven, hob) in advance. Look for the kitchen sink , fridge, hob and oven as a triangle.

This facilitates better access to kitchen products and saves time when cooking. For the refrigerator and oven, then separated with the same material sections of their closets. As the microwave oven is primarily used to heat food, is located next to the fridge. Improve the appearance of the interior design of your kitchen with crockery and cutlery suitable.

A crucial part of the kitchen design is the implementation of the kitchen unit (dishwasher, sink, drain, top). When placed inappropriately make a big difference in the way you work in your kitchen. For proper lighting and the installation of drainage, place the sink under a window and against the outer wall. Set the end of the washer to the kitchen for convenient use. Place the countertop on the kitchen wall on both sides with enough cooking space.

Also, put a hood on top of the counter to exhaust fumes. Set cabinets kitchen storage on both sides of the hood. Make sure the window over the sink has an extension of the work table. This allows food to pass to the outside and eat quickly. Prefer clear colors for the kitchen. This makes the kitchen look bigger than it is. Avoid dark colored tiles. This allows soap scars are easily visible and spoil the design of the kitchen interior.