Crafting with Styrofoam balls – mad ideas for young and old lightly moved

Tinkering with Styrofoam offers you incredibly many possibilities to create delightful and unique masterpieces with little expenditure. The Styropor as a material is featherweight and can be formed practically arbitrarily and be treated variously. From glittering Christmas balls about animal figures as far as disco balls, you can build many mad subjects. Inspire yourselves by our ideas!
christmas-styrofoam ball-craft-ornaments
Tinkering with Styrofoam is very easy, nevertheless, you must pay attention with the contact with this material to something. If you stick Styropor, you can work with special adhesive for Styropor, with Bastelkeber, a silicone adhesive or wood glue. Therefore, solvent-based adhesives are not suitable. The Styropor is not heatproof and catches with high temperatures to become soggy. Besides, appear Damps which one should not inhale. But you can use in order to stick a low-temperature pistol. Who wants to paint the Styroporkugel, should renounce lösungsmittelhaltige colours. However, gladly you can use acryl colours, gold varnish and silver lacquer for the ornament.
If you ask yourselves what one can begin, actually, with Styrofoam, you can build, for example, by means of different colleges of technology beautiful decoration balls. The organisation possibilities are nearly infinite. If you liked to create a Dekokugel in natural Look, you can wrap the white ball in a paper wire. For the wire, you need sides of an old newspaper or magazine. Roll some sides and screw the whole. Apply on the Styroporkugel the adhesive and coat the ball in the wire.
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