Crafts with natural materials in the summer – 15 creative ideas for children

Nature offers us a lot of natural materials, which we can use for the crafting with children. However, there is no such variety in any season as in the summer. Bright colours, green leaves and filigree shells are just a small part of it. Since the children also like to tinker in the summer, we have collected for you some creative crafting projects. Many ideas and suggestions for crafting with natural materials in the summer can be found here.

Crafts-natural materials-summer-petals-presses

For children, summer means only one thing: summer holidays! If you are looking for creative craft ideas that you can taste with your small and big children, then the natural material is perfect for this. During an excursion or during the holidays, you can collect any kind of material from nature, such as green leaves, twigs and colourful flowers. You can then press them between books or turn them into beautiful wreaths. The imagination and creativity are no limits.

A beautiful idea for crafting with natural materials in the summer are elegant floral wreaths for girls. They can be made from any flowers and grasses and always look tender and graceful on the head. A beautiful accessory for your little princess in summer. For the base of the wreath, you can use either aluminium wire or a vine without the leaves. The collected flowers can then be attached to the wreath with a little flowering wire and arranged nicely. Animals and insects make children always fun and are one of the most popular activities in the summer. With materials from nature, for example, you can colour colourful butterflies with your child. For this, you need paper for the original, green leaves, two thin branches and several colourful petals. First cut a butterfly template from green tufted paper. Then let the child decorate the butterfly as desired with the leaves and flowers. These butterflies can also be designed as dummies for funny games in the garden.

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