Crafts with old CDs – 7 creative craft projects with instructions

CDs consist up to 99% of the synthetic material, the UN, certainly, from Polycarbonate. Thereby they are a valuable recycling material. Broken or scratched CDs can be delivered with a Recycling or other collecting points, but must not land in the trash can. In addition, very good presuppositions for imaginative tinkering with CDs present themselves. These still serve super for other purposes: one can process them also himself and do something beauty from it. CDs do not belong namely in the rubbish. They let themselves industrially, as well as recycle in the budget.
tinker-old-cds-diy cases-small-flower boxes
Once first the surface coating and the inscription will be removed. Then the CD disc ground is melted and is produced from it synthetic material granulated material. This will be later than a raw material for new CDs or for other synthetic material products is applied. The discs which cannot be played anymore or which you simply do not want to have anymore are a good crafting material. From a whole or from several in little piece chopped up there appear completely slightly mad things. We present 7 simple projects DIY with manuals.
tinker-old-cds-diy Christmas Ball-do it yourself- tinker-old-cds-diy Christmas Ball-manual-disco ball tinker-old-cds-diy purse coin-zip tinker-old-cds-diy purse idee-zipper tinker-old-cds-diy recycling ideas-guide tinker-old-cds-DIY-accessory-mode-bag-clutch tinker-old-cds-DIY-accessory-schmuck-collar-fashion tinker-old-cds-diy-clutch-spice-discounted tinker-old-cds-diy-creative-traumfänger yarn-guide tinker-old-cds-diy-discounted-hat-cap tinker-old-cds-diy-dreamcatcher-manual yarn-bunt tinker-old-cds-DIY-fashion accessory-collar-discounted tinker-old-cds-DIY-fashion-fashion-accessory-collar tinker-old-cds-diy-room catcher yarn-craft idea tinker-old-cds-diy-shard-cut tinker-old-cds-diy-traumfänger yarn-guide-idee