Creat Relaxing Zen Interior

Zen style is emerging as a fashion trend in architecture and interior design. The people are looking for can achieve harmony and peace needed to relax and meditate. Many eat sushi, others practice tai chi chuan and some are dressed in kimonos. More and more adherents to the customs and Eastern philosophies. Fashion and kitchen already amoldaron this phenomenon that began in Argentina a few years ago. And, thanks to Zen, the architecture was not far behind.

According to the designers and architects, is the most avant-garde trend setting and construction time. One of the reasons why this line-away from classicism-is increasingly in demand by the people, can be chaotic world in which we live. Stress, accelerated times and difficult job duties relax, causing that one can never “disconnected”. Thus, the environment (either housing or office) plays a role in mood and humor of the people, facilitating their self. “Meditation transforms, is like surgery without anesthesia of mind. Sana and resets. Immeasurable is a path to inner freedom,” writes Ramiro Street in The Book of yoga. This is what Zen style points whose essence is precisely impose harmony in environments to achieve spiritual balance.

The Buddhist philosophy is a different way of life and, in architecture, he broke with many of the more traditional dogmas and conventions. The white, floors and furniture beech and well-lit rooms are the most important features. Everything should be arranged so that welfare causes the touch, sight and hearing. “Forget about the gold, of ornamentation and light charged artificially ensures EstiloAmbientaciĆ³n Cesar Perez-predominant Baranzelli of furniture lines and unvarnished virgin wood, natural fibers and beds at ground level.”
zen minimalist Muji Muji InfillLa zen famous store, of Japan, was the architect Kazuhiko Namba sponsor for the construction of a house minimalist zen many call: the perfect home. The designer Tokujin Yoshioka and a professional team put the finishing touches to achieve large rooms, painted white with light wood floors and furniture specially designed so that all things are in perfect order and balance. Two bright levels connected by an opening on the top floor achieved elegant simplicity of straight lines and that nothing obstructs the vision or the passage of sunlight.

But it is necessary to pull back walls or build the house in order to have even a few elements of this type of architecture. You can also use the setting of existing spaces. Highlights in a zen space are sobriety and comfort, as it seeks to live comfortably and without obstacles. It also makes much of the contact with nature: “This interaction is critical for setting befitting this Eastern philosophy. Stones can be included, water, fire and earth,” says Perez Baranzelli.

“People are increasingly required this type of design. In Argentina, alternative therapies such as yoga are very common and this makes them look for these environments,” said Marcela Rodriguez Auger, Corner organizer Zen Estilo Pilar in the sample of this year. He adds: “All material is put aside and the house is transformed into a kind of monastery”.

However, sometimes it is advisable to put a limit and try a mixture of styles. “It is true that Oriental homes are an example of perfection Baranzelli PĆ©rez-shoots. But sometimes a well decorated home can be shocking. Should not forget that we are living far away from Japan.”