Create a front garden – ideas and tricks for the care-giving design

No dream house is complete without inviting outside area. The snug garden invites to the relaxation and becomes a popular retreat place during the summer months. And while own paradise is well protected before foreign looks, another Outdoor area calls tenant and guests welcome – the front garden. The entrance fulfils at the same moment several functions – on the one hand, it connects the house, the garage and the summer-house, for other it offers inconspicuous parking area for mailbox and garbage can. Who would like to put on an inviting front garden, stands before big challenge – we give some useful tips to the wash and wear and impressive organisation.
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So that the front garden looks friendly, and at the same moment practically it is formed, several simple tricks help in the design. As the first, the separate elements of the garden design are fixed – garden path, steps/stairs, front door, garden fence, garage gate. Still, in the planning phase, the garden path and the necessary free place must be marked before the garage on the sketch. As the next a whole organisation draft is constructed – the front garden should correspond with the style of the house. Here a counsellor can come for the help – with Gartenbista numerous organisation ideas are to be thought in different garden styles.
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