Create chill out in terrace

In recent years they have become very popular chill-out environments, especially in terraces or gardens and both private homes and in bars, restaurants or hotels. With them bring to you an area to relax, chat, to relax with a drink listening to music or simply relax for a while. Get an environment in your home is not very complicated, and the truth is that it looks great.

The first thing you must realize is that the space you have available, it is not the same a little corner a much larger area. Whatever your size, you also get a spectacular result, but how to decorate will be different to get the most out of its features. Scan the area well to take the next step.

Choose furniture that reflect tranquility and are very comfortable, that’s the most important. Ideally, put a couple of sofas where you can lie down, they are modern and neutral colors. Also will be very well a couple of puffs, forming a circle around a table. The best option for the election of officers is to be short, and if wicker and glass and would be perfect, but you can also choose to put several small tables instead of one for all.

As I advanced earlier, the main colors have to be neutral, with white being the main character. Use this color for sofas or beanbags, and other furniture decántate wood or wicker in their natural colors. The touch of color is what you have to give with textiles and accessories, such as cushions, curtains, vases, etc.. If you get a perfect match, you will have a chill out area which get much game throughout the year.