Create Environments Christmas with Candles

At the time of celebrating the coming of Christmas and the new year new ideas are emerging to create environments Christmas, candles can be protagonists in bright and cozy compositions, with which to decorate any room in the house.

We show some arrangements in which candles are the star, the starting point for combining different materials and textures that allow fit multiple situations and styles of decoration.

With candles can be beautiful centerpieces , decorate consoles, shelves, nooks in the kitchen, in the bathroom, even in the hall, or in bedrooms and terraces.

To accompany find various accessories such as candlesticks, candle holders, lanterns, or simple dishes and trays, cups and glasses, which can become the basis to begin forming a motif that adds color and a delicate lighting to one inside .

Decorating a home can bring these days to Christmas spirit with very little, if we bet candles and create with them a lovely setting, with new style and a personal air.