Create garden ponds – DIY instructions, tips and inspiring ideas

The own garden pond is probably the dream of many amateur gardeners. The sounds of the water, the lush pond plants and the swimming fish create a real oasis of calm and invite you to linger. Garden ponds fit every garden style and the size of the garden does not matter. However, you can create garden ponds, which prerequisites should meet the chosen location and many inspiring ideas for the pond in your own garden can be found in today’s article.

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If you have chosen to bring variety into the garden with a garden pond, you should first select the type of pond. You can buy and buy garden ponds, or build them yourself from the beginning. For finished pieces, the shape is given and you simply have to dig a suitable hole for it. With a Foils of the pond, one has a greater scope in terms of the shape and the size of the pond. The design possibilities are almost unlimited in this case. Before the garden pond is laid the good planning is the focus. First, you should select the location for the pond. If you want to have your own water oasis always in view, then the area next to the terrace is the best. On a non-level plot, you should place the garden pond at the lowest point for a beautiful landscaping. The best location gets a real mix of sun and shade, with five hours of the sun per day as a good guideline.

Laying garden ponds is not such a difficult task and is also successful for the skilful amateur gardener. We show how to do it! The classical garden pond is built with different water depths and stepped transitions. On the shore is a shallow marshy zone, which passes into a shallow water zone. In the middle of the pond, a deep water zone is formed. After you have selected the location for the garden pond, you should now mark the outline of the pond. You can use spray paint or draw a line in the sand. Then lift the floor out of the water zones.

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