Create Garden Wall

There are many people who like plants and enjoy gardening spend time to make even a small corner of your home stands out for the beauty of plant life. The problem is that not always have enough room to have all the plants that we like, but not such a problem. As we saw in ideas for small gardens , if you are wanting leftover can transform any corner of our home.

So if you do not have much space and want to have your own garden, for example, herbs, can do it and you can transform any exterior wall to give you the sun on a beautiful hanging garden. It will not be like the Babylonians but they have nothing to envy.
I must admit that whenever I think of a garden but do not think about flowers in herbs, and I love the idea of having my own herbs to prepare my favorite foods and not have to depend on whether or not the herb market I want, so I propose to create a floating garden of herbs .
Many of the herbs like rosemary, thyme and chives in hot sun worship, so a well lit wall will be the perfect place to grow them.

Create a floating garden on a wall
Small pots that can hang and have good drainage
Fisher nails or dowels
Hammer or drill

Step by step
Planting herbs in pots suitable for hanging.
Place two nails or studs Fisher along the wall at the same height. Tying the wire at one end, one or two pots place and attach the wire to the other end.
Repeat as many times as you want.
A simple and original to have your own garden despite not having a lot of space, and if you want to know how to grow herbs you can find by clicking on the link.