Create pirate room wallpaper

Do you have a child at home who would love to have their bedroom transformed into the ultimate adventure of pirates? By using the seven simple steps outlined in this article can be done easily and economically through the room of your child and let your imagination run wild. Kids will love decorating with pirates. Achieving a room with an air pirate caribbean pirate and his treasure chest is now within reach of every budget. You only need to put a little imagination.The walls should have a maritime feel, and what better than a striped wallpaper to get it.


The most suitable colors are blue and red. And colors can be smoothed with sand.With these two tricks already have a lot of work done. Then you just need to put some details related to the topic:
A border of pirates , a pirate stickers etc … But if you want to give a magical effect you can also opt for the murals of pirates . Or the fabrics, with which you can make quilts, curtains and cushion covers. Some small detail. And you get a lovely room pirate.

1. Create a pirate ship bed.
You can create a pirate ship bed with very cheap materials. First, find a white wooden bed with drawers on the bottom. (You can buy a used bed from a garage sale or thrift store and give it a quick makeover with some white paint to save costs.) Then add a wooden rod with a shot back to the bed base plate to simulate the vessel mast. To add more details to your bed pirate ship, sailing rope with red and blue flags can connect. Simply attach one end of the rope securely to the top of the mast that has been created with the curtain rod and add a screw hook to the motherboard. Then tie the other end of the rope to the screw hook.

Two. Add color to the room with a comforter or bedspread cheap.
Great deals can be found in discount stores buying their premises by a red light or a quilt with red and white stripes. Buy fabric pirate theme in your local fabric store to create simple but fun, pillow to accent your bedding. If sewing is not your style, there are manufacturers of kids bedding bedding that create affordable pirate theme.

Three. Add decorative accents to the wall above the headboard.
If you are looking for a cost effective option to make a big statement, red and white lifesaver simple ring can be hung on the wall above the headboard to coordinate with your theme. Or, for added visual interest, you can install a realistic looking pirate ship mural wall.

April. Use economic accent furniture to arrange the room.
Check out your local stores big box stores, garage sales or bargain furniture stores only pieces of wood that can be used as a dresser or nightstand. Remember, you can completely transform used pieces of furniture by applying a new coat of paint. Try using paint colors like green or blue pirate accent your nautical theme. For a distressed look, lightly sand over the edges of the furniture after the paint has dried.

May. Use art pirate theme to tie the room together.
Artwork Pirate reasonably priced you can buy online or you can effortlessly create your own. Pirate theme stickers paired with inexpensive white frames make great accents wall decor. You can use a leftover piece of fabric that was used to pirate pillowcases and wrapped tightly on a piece of sturdy cardboard and frame to tie the theme together.

June. Add to the adventure of a child with a treasure map accent.
A fourth pirate theme would be complete without an accent treasure map! You can buy the treasure map accents as posters or wall murals inexpensive. You can also create your own realistic treasure map accent using a permanent marker to draw a map on a sheet of heavy paper and crumpling the paper several times. To give your custom treasure map look more distressed and worn, you can easily apply tea-staining. Just prepare a few tea bags in two cups of water and place the tea water in a shallow dish. Dip the treasure map in the tea mixture and then put your treasure map to dry. Completing this process several times until your treasure map reaches the desired shade. After your treasure map has completely dried, can be hung in a closet or a desk to compliment your room theme.

July. Complimentary Room Accessories complete your pirate bedroom theme.
There are many accessories that can be used to end the pirate theme bedroom decor. Liven up the room with a small bowl and let your child create fun accent by building a Lego pirate ship. Use red as an accent beach draping, or buy small lamps nautical ship wheels or wooden chests at discount stores or garage sales.

Complete a pirate theme for your child’s bedroom has never been easier! If you involve your child in the planning, they will find it both fun and rewarding. Your child will feel that this room was created with their input and their space is truly special.






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