Create vertical garden – 65 ideas for modern Green

In recent years, with the environmentally friendly and sustainable way of life it’s new way of life. Vertical garden is set in scene as space-saving variant for indoor and outdoor he areas, is particularly suitable for city apartments. In modern urban life it aims for more green space, because you really improve air quality and provide a relaxing effect. Green walls improve the microclimate in the room and take hardly any floor space. They are nursing as a ground-level garden, but the result is worth and thus to create new exciting connection between indoor and outdoor.

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A vertical garden at home is to create in different ways to build – narrow raised beds from Euro pallets themselves, plant pots, which suspended or on shelves gradually arranged as a kind of Strawberry pots or large wall constructions made of concrete and steel. Manufacturers offer special frame with a grid, so that after planting a real painting is created. Such eye-catcher at eye level fascinates the viewer and makes for a distinctive atmosphere. In principle, any design is possible and is based on the experience of the gardener. Usually a water-retaining substrate is used, also soil mixes with compost or fertilizers can be used. Irrigation system requires a vertical garden with a large area with hoses, the automatic or every few weeks provide the plants with water.

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Similar to a ground-level garden vary depending on the location of the plant species and must be selected accordingly. The lighting and temperature play important role and vary with the height. Vertical garden in the Interior must eventually be illuminated with plant lamps and the weed is quite low. Appropriate flowering plants are: Flamingo flower, single / Spathtifyllum, Guzmania, shame flower (traffic light plant). The most ferns are relatively easy to clean and long-lasting – nest fern, ribs fern, sword fern / Nephrolepis Boston etc. Wonderful vertical garden can arise from spices such as oregano, Rosemary and wild thyme. Other green and climbing plants are suitable for the purpose: tree friend (Philodendron erubescens), including Begonia Rex, stained sheet, colorful nettle, leaf Begonia, Calathea / Kormarante, kite building, purple tute, three-masted flower, Ivy, green Lily, smaller specimens Kletterfeige, piston thread, Ficus, Croton excellent, point Marante, various types of Succulents, ornamental asparagus, room oats.

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Cultivated facades and walls provide not only a more interesting character of the building than the usual version made of wood or plastic. Vertical garden is included by modern architecture to offer more green in the city. Also, he ensures visual and noise protection, filters the air, supplies oxygen, increases the humidity and cools in the summer. The concrete walls of the city buildings is a whole new feel gives – rather than to live in a concrete jungle, to revive a near-natural habitat. Over 50 percent of the population lives in cities, and the green areas are less and less. The vertical gardens are not only confined to the exterior. Also non-garden owner can integrate on your balcony or in the Interior systems for plant beds in vertical position.

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