Create your own home decorating accessories

If you want to create your own pieces of art for decorating your home, here are some tips on how to combine the different styles. If you already have well defined the theme or design of your room, you’ve done an important part of the job, now you must create the accessories that best fit her.


The carved wood with floral frames with colors clear ornaments with weathered-looking wood, old antiques and fabrics go well with a style setting. Metal frames with black and white photographs combine with contemporary style. For traditional interior decor, landscapes, engraved with floral motifs and photographs are a good choice.

You can use old calendars with pretty pictures to make your own pictures. Other framing options are puzzles that have joined, a collage of travel cards, beautiful party invitations, a diploma you proud, a decorative banner, or any image you have at home and you want to display in your living room. You can use embroidered velvet background to give further boost to your images.
Another option is to use the resources of nature to create tables: tree leaves, teaspoons sea, seeds, pine cones, flowers or dried bouquets. Paste all objects you want with vinyl glue on a wooden box or cloth and be creative to form beautiful designs.

You can also go to draw your own pictures: capture interesting images of flowers, houses, buildings, sports equipment or anything that catches your attention. Then you can print your photos in color, sepia tones or black and white, choose the option which best compliments your room. Make sure the pictures are the right size for your frame. If you intend to hang a series of photos, a nice touch is that they are all the same size, with identical frames and combining colors.
If you’re good at taking pictures, you can go to a used book store and buy a book that has pretty pictures. The books of famous paintings and museum collections, books about birds, furniture design, architectural, landscapes, trains or impressionist art can provide interesting material. Select the reason that best combine with the theme of your room.

There are other items that can be hung directly on your wall without a frame. For example, you can hang nicely designed plates, flags, hats, interesting, model airplanes, antique toys musical instruments. Any other object that you make yourself can be displayed in your living room, if you can draw, paint or sew, you just have to be creative and build your own decorations.



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