Created by stairs drawers plenty of storage space – stairs in the trend

We have written many articles on staircases. Still we have raised several times the important topic of the awe of storage space. Combining the two is now available. But never this happened with so a modern style as shown in this example here.Two in one! This is a super current theme in the furnishings and interior design, because so you can save space.

drawers for the stairs in the trend

At the staircase, which we show you today worked wonderful in all respects. She looks great, can be used but in the practical aspect well. What you see here is a topic of conversation, isn’t it? The latter is also interesting in the modern world, because the communication between people is nowadays of primary importance .Dabei appear the ideas, if they are so easy! You can’t help but to ask: why is this not previously occurred to me?You figured out long ago that the feeling of harmony is related at home very strongly with the order. Therefore, any storage space is a very hot topic. But always we have before at least one, to be ashamed most of the time but several drawers full of dirt.

drawers with wooden stairs in the trend color

The solution is quite simple: If you had multiple drawers, you would better distribute also the trinkets. Everything would then not so incredibly messy look. But where accommodates you for everything?The example of today shows us the solution. The steps are to drawers and there you can accommodate everything. You are so many! So no problem! Everything fits there super in!

drawers in the stairs trend

We can hardly imagine that you can leverage an otherwise repeatedly overlooked space. This idea was designed and implemented by a company from Australia. The fact that they make hardly any advertising about it speaks for the genius of the invasion. This company doesn’t even have a website. Yet the idea has proved so effective, that it has become known all over the world.We are pleased to be able to present them to you also!

Exceptionally trepen in trend

great idea drawer stairs

great idea for storage space

house with stairs drawers

staircase with drawers

stairs in trend with drawers missed opportunities

stairs in trend with drawers on the side

stauram with stairs drawers

trendy stairs with storage space

wood staircase with drawers