Creates Care Home

The toilet is more than a piece of furniture, is an environment that in some way identifies the feminine essence, which is why we invite you to find some ideas to bring to life a perfect place to get ready every day.


It may be the dream of every girl and woman having a corner specially dedicated to personal care, and the best is that with very little can create.

To recreate this space that reproduces the female spirit who inhabits every detail is important to find a convenient location that does not interfere with transit areas. The toilet can be placed in a corner of the bedroom, for example, and is ideal to locate in front of a window, so the natural light makeup.

If it’s a tight space, you can do without a stop in front seat and fix the cabinet, for which it will be better to opt for a high piece as a chiffonier or comfortable. To have enough space, then chooses a simple and light stool, that does not detract space.
You can stay integrate a set of vanity and matching stool, or choose parts of different designs for printing a single stamp decoration. As chair can be a classic design with modern lines console.

To complete the setting will conveniently incorporate elements that are decorative and functional. The baskets and boxes keep the space organized and hooks and hangers for clothes, and curtains or curtain to the window adds a touch of warmth and it is an option to protect cosmetics intense sun rays.