Creating traditional home using oak

The oak has been used to create furniture and housing construction for centuries. Especially popular in English country houses, oak has been associated with wealth and luxury of a decidedly healthy type. Think homemade bread and mulled wine around an open fire with a solid oak table providing rooms axis. As a result of its popularity and beauty, the oak is now used to make a variety of different types of furniture such as cabinets, doors, tables, chairs and even cups (Finn, in particular, have a tradition of hand carved engraved cups wood and giving each other as gifts).


If you are thinking of creating a traditional house with oak here are some ideas you might want to try, along with photos to give you some inspiration.

An oak door
Oak doors have long been in the use of oak which has been available. These doors offer durability and longevity as well as its aesthetic appeal. A strong oak door could easily last out current occupants of a house, so it is a good investment if you are considering buying one.

Whether you are after a more traditional dark oak or light oak modern (as pictured), adding an oak door add charm and sophistication to your home. You can find solid oak doors that are suitable for most homes.

An oak sideboard
While the dresser pictured may be out of the price range of most people, a little less complicated, less ancient piece may be something to consider. Depending on the interior design of your home you will have to choose between a light or dark oak sideboard. The traditional choice, more authentic would be dark oak, although this is usually more expensive.

Oak frame
Using an oak picture frame has a very romantic for him, even empty frames resemble works of art. Adding oak frames for your home will give the final touch to the rustic atmosphere necessary for the creation of a traditional home. Perfect for viewing the happiest moments or views oak frame artistic image does justice while adding a touch of style to any family photo.

The oak frames are also great for use around mirrors. A popular option is to hang a mirror in oak frame on the mantelpiece. Provide a focal point in the room and give the illusion of more space.

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