Creative garden ideas – an inspiring garden in all its glory

The wonderful house from the images below covers about 4, 6 thousand square meters. The main idea in whose design represents that you constructed it completely from recycled materials. The projects by Luciana Bianchi in France served as sources of inspiration. There they made a great residence on about 500 square meters with fallen trunks and old Windows.

make creative gardening ideas gardening and landscaping in path hedge vorgarten

The materials that were used here, are typical for the Provence and Tuscany. The first style was displayed by the color of the Windows and doors in light blue. The second, however, was on the Terra cotta wall clearly displayed.Who is here on his way home, crossing an iron passage. The whole is enriched by the yellow daisies. Side, the way is flanked by the yellow flowers and also by green bushes.

creative garden ideas garden garden flowers and landscaping paint vivid colors

If you can see the garden from the inside, the garden appears in its full glory. At the window you have a vase with beautiful flowers. Striking the surfaces with Lavender are also covered.The garden is the main reason why many people in this House fall in love. He at the same time represents a reminder of trips, which have undertaken the owner around the world around.

creative gardening ideas gardening and landscaping color design house shutter

The stone wall defines the boundary between the garden and the House. There you can also see Geraniums. You can see there is also an old car that is reused as plant containers.By the abundant vegetation, the garden is located in a consistent conversion. The flowers that create to grow in areas with stone floor make for a particularly warm appearance. Thus, you don’t even feel a staircase like this here as too steep and cold.

creative garden ideas garden design and landscaping plan

In the next screen, you will see the plan of the garden. Here is the legend: A: fruit trees B: C: rose Lavender D: Rundgeformte bushes E: yellow Daisy q: Kahle triple flower (bougainvillea glabra) G: dahlia H: mango (Mangifera indica) I: J: Silver Beach herb Begonia L: two teeth (Biden) We finish around with this hidden and quiet dining area with the great stone table with metal chairs around it. How to find the look?

creative garden ideas garden landscaping and green plant

creative gardening ideas gardening and landscaping garden furniture table of stone

creative gardening ideas gardening and landscaping looking exteriors

creative gardening ideas gardening and landscaping patio blzumen
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