Creative ideas for flower pots in your garden!

You want something unusual and creative for your garden, without having to spend much money? We would like to introduce you to start with the flower pots! You must not put the flowers in the traditional and often boring pots, but you can be creative! The flowers grow on different courses, as for example on wood or in an old watering can made of metal.

creatively designed ceramic flower pot

They can save money on this kind and white bring old and useless objects in use and turn them into beautiful and unique Gartendeko! Our examples of unusual flower pots will inspire you to make your flower pots also varied.

Use wood trunk as a flower pot

beautiful design pots covered with Mozaik

beautiful flowerpot in the form of an owl

beautiful flowers in the garden

Beautiful Pendant Flower pots and cups

decorate a pot with moss

Flops in Purple Pots

Flowerpot from a died ranged tires

Flowerpot from a watering can

Flowerpot tires in different colors 600x330

Flowers in a pumpkin

Great idea broken flower pot

great wooden Pots

Green Chair as decoration with flower pot

green plants in a wheelbarrow

interesting flower pots idea

Make flower pot from a barrel

Make flower pot itself from branches

Make garden design flower pot glass bottles themselves

Make pots of stone


old dishes with flowers

old shoes as pot

original flower pot on the tree trunk

original Pots in the house

originally designed flower pot

Pedigree with tulips in the garden

Schubakarren wooden decoration idea

Stone pot garden design idea

super creative designed flower pot

Tinker flower pot itself from Clothespin

Tinker flower pots died ranged tires

Transform bike Körber in pots for flowers

transform old box in a flower pot

transform old piano in a flower pot

Transform wheelbarrow in a flower pot

use of old suitcases as pot

use old dishes such as a flower pot

Wheelbarrow covered with plants