Creative interior design ideas – you turn the garage into a living space!

Have you ever thought about to expand your living space by creative living idea for the garage? We find it’s great! You may discard this idea never. So we motivate not only by words, we now have a concrete example of a super successful design for you ready.

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It’s about a garage in Amsterdam, which was converted by 29 architects in a ravishing habitable atmosphere. The result was an incredibly comfortable and spacious housing plan, which naturally and abundantly was illuminated by the light.

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The garage of their creative living ideas today the speech will be covering 230 square metres of space. Here are magnificent oak wood surfaces and in a wonderful manner this contrast with the white areas in the room. However, due to the natural character of the textures and the fact that the oak shows also bright shades, the space spreads out strongly, rather than to constrict to.

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Not a little helps the wide application of glass and of course also the mirror properties of the Mead Valley areas.The just described context includes the entire garage. All creative living ideas are dedicated in this. The special character of the kitchen is determined by some specific elements. These include among others the large sliding doors made of wood. With these, it covered especially the integrated storage areas.

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In addition, to make a spectacular contrast through the kitchen island in black. This confrontation was recorded in textures and colors in the furniture and the design of the fireplace. From here, you can enter private areas. The place in the wall, through which this can be done, is also one of the particularly creative living ideas in this garage project. It was marked by internal doors.

There is a patio outside. At the same time, he represents a transition between the residential facilities and the master bedroom. The carpet woven by hand also represents interesting central work. It welds together the indoor and outdoor. Everything we have now described this garage, describes the context of the whole and its basic character. But also in the execution of the details seen in many creative living ideas. On this we would like to make also attention.

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The accents are actually part. But this is somehow not exactly the right word for the specific creative living ideas. The green points on the carpet or on the sofa are somehow very close to the neutral pastel range. The natural wood and white nuances they seem together not to destroy the harmony of the minimalist at all.

The oak surfaces show different nuances. They are found in all living areas and belong to the creative living ideas that provide for a change. The kitchen island can be seen in detail, why the combination of black and oak is so classy and chic. This is in large part because that these workspaces from Matt materials were created.

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We conclude with the organic works, which have been distributed in this covered anywhere. You fill the room with other modernist part, part-organic looking objects. Particularly good examples in this regard are the lamps and the swivel chair in the living room.

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