Creative LED shower head rainfall tap New Arrivals 2016

Creative LED shower head rainfall tap change 3 color temperature

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Good quality

This faucet suppliers have almost 40 leading production and engineering, patented the world’s leading technology the faucet 360 degrees turn includes without limitation, non-resistance and maintenance-free, computer digital control cutting technology, single education cutting technique, infallible seamless welding and PVD vacuum coating technology leading the fittings to ensure can be permanent.


We are years since more than1 our cocks in the United States and Europe exports, and we strive to make our products as a famous brand all over the world. Now we use this opportunity to our customers with our best prices and highest quality.


By our designers, the inspiration comes from the pursuit of high quality life. A perfect art is created by the combination of modern elements with humanistic art inspiration. We have us on the forefront of the industry in the creation of sanitary ceramics culture and leadership of a modern life style. In this way, we have created a lot of artistic products of “Stylish personality and quality of life”.

How to choose a faucet head?

Suitable style

The cock should fit the characteristics of the sink, sink and bathtub. For example a single fit handle faucet single lever basin mixer, and a center set faucet fits to the center set sink.

The correct function

According to different purposes of the taps, there are sink faucets, bathtub faucets, shower faucets and so on. After various functions of the taps, there are hot / cold valves, pressure compensated valves and electrical sensor faucets.

Fine finish

A good chrome faucet with a small green color looks more worthy if he looks pale, the density of coating is not up to standard, touch it. When or watch, it may no scratches, sand be handles and stains. Our faucets have been standard to meet turned out to be United States and the European plating.

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Creative LED shower head rainfall tap (4)

Creative LED shower head rainfall tap (5)


Color temperature changing new arrival LED rain shower head faucet

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List price: USD $87.00

Handles must be smooth and easy to use for high-quality fittings.

Do no gluing and sealing, under the correct movement of faucet handles.

LED lights up green between: 0-32 ℃

LED turns blue between: 32-38 ℃

Red LED lights up between: 39-45 ℃

LED starts blinking between: over 45 ℃

Your satisfaction is our pursuit of long-term and upmost concern. Once your package has arrived, we recommend that you to open and check to make sure that the items that we formed meets your requirement.

If you are not 100% satisfied with the quality of your purchase from, you can delivered return your items within 7 days from the date of or Exchange.

* For your consideration, as confidants, wall sticker, Bathroom textiles and manufactured, custom items can not be returned or exchanged.

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Creative LED shower head rainfall tap (3)

Creative LED shower head rainfall tap (1)

Creative LED shower head rainfall tap (2)