Creative Mobile reading furniture allows diversity design

Reading can be a pure pleasure. This idea will delight all fans of reading. Flexible tree house is designed by Malcew design for an office space in Singapore. The reading area with integrated shelves is mounted on wheels and makes the popular pastime to a special experience. With the read furniture design by Dymitr Malcew will never book reading the same thing! Dive into the world of books!

Design Reading malcew furniture office furniture store with pitched roof form

Multifunctional furniture is excellently suited for reading. The mobile piece of furniture can be placed in public spaces, as well as in your own home. You can push it from one room to the other when the sunlight for example is not sufficient one. The interior walls of the “read”House are covered with soft upholstered in yellow or blue. White Oak finish underlines its natural aesthetics and creates a sense of security and privacy, without secrete to. The interior design is a matter of individual taste. The poufs are removable and can be designed according to preferences, so that you can enjoy maximum comfort while reading.

Reading corner design ideas modular furniture design removable seating

Read exclusive furniture, there is space for a small TV with wireless receiver. Reading is done, you can arrange the upholstered stools around a small coffee table in the middle of the room around and invite his friends in the cozy sitting area. When not in use, the read furniture is design by Malcew as a room divider.

Set up a reading corner furniture Modular Modern Design upholstered integrated shelves