Crochet edge for tablecloth

Realizing this border on fabric to obtain a tablecloth elegant donate an entirely new look to your table and refined. We will make every separately brick , and then merge them during processing. Be very careful not to be fooled by the number of rounds , given that it is wrong, but in reality they are just to create in a staggered manner during execution. Materials needed : 250 grams of cotton cordonetto number 20 and a crochet number 10, as well as of course the portion is to be edged cloth (preferably linen).


Embellish a wooden cabinet or shelf in marble with a filet is easy enough to understand the proceedings and then you’ll be ready to create as many as you want. In this job we will see how to play the bluebells on the edge of a filet. Materials needed: get yourself a linen fabric with the edge to decorate 40 cm, 50 grams of lisle Anchor Freccia beige, 1 spool Filofort Tre Cerchi red color to match the linen, a crochet lace number for steel 1.25 and finally a sewing needle number 7.


1st round : points eighth chain counting from ‘ crochet * 1 treble, 2 ch, skip 2 ch base, repeat from *. Get all 5 spaces. 2nd round : turn the work, 5 ch (= 1 treble + 2 ch) and works from * to * as in the previous round. Run around 5 turns. Lap 6 : Everything crochet, 5 sts low in the corners, one on the treble crochet, knit 2 lower in 2 ch. Lap 5 : 2 mesh low in the first round of crochet previous low 11 links in each of the meshes of low previous round, * ch 8, 6 meshes of low back and stops the chain with a crochet. Within the 8 ch 4 working links available, 1 picot, 1 crochet , repeat for 4 times, 4 meshes available, working 2 mesh 16 mesh lower low in the corner, repeat from *. Lap 6 : starting from ‘ corner, * 10 ch, 1 crochet in the 2nd picot, 8 ch, 1 crochet in the 4th picot , 10 ch, 1 crochet corner, repeat from *. Lap 7 : 5 sts low, 1 picot, 2 mesh low, 1 picot, 5 sts in each low bow . attacks the tiles together with a crochet when processing the picots .

Stitches : coon will use the crochet chain stitch, crochet, sl, filet crochet and network that will follow in this scheme. With the ‘ August instead we will use the satin stitch.
Execution : start with the hook on a chain of 83 mesh and starting eighth ch from hook (1 empty square), or from point A, you work in network filet following the scheme and bearing in mind that every empty square corresponds to 1 treble and 2 chains, each square corresponds to 3 full- mesh high . Take the reason until you reach the desired length, then execute the finishing crochet along the short sides and along the edge of the shaped edge , following the diagram for. At the end you can break off and bind the yarn.
Hem finally the fabric for 2 centimeters. Overlap then to 1 cm margin straight edge to the edge of the fabric and secure it using the satin stitch . And our job is finished or crocheted . You can now show it where you wish. We suggest, if the work is flawless, to show it off on a wooden cabinet dark: you’ll look great!




Large-dining-table-cloth tablecloth


white cotton towel with crocheted edge