Cupboard under stairs and other solutions, such as provide more storage space

Cupboard under stairs and other functional ideas, as you purchase more storage space under the stairs┬áMany boards and open residential plans have a staircase. Free space that could be used for various purposes is usually under the stairs. Do you wonder what you do with the empty space under the stairs? There are several solutions, each of which is characterised with originality and functionality. However, we draw your attention to a single option, and namely how you can include a wardrobe in the stairwell. What you then use it, is your own business. What sounds you like this idea? Very functional and compact, isn’t it? When you drag a cupboard under stairs into consideration, draw ideas from our Treasury and get additional storage space is in your home!

Cabinet drawers provide storage space under stairs

If you are looking for creative living ideas, check out only! You would be amazed what you can think of. You could implement them anywhere in your home. Even in places that you have hardly thought of that! The interior design of some houses provides several ways to get them to use. We believe the space under the stairwell. Under the stairs in the hallway, in the kitchen or in the living room, you could hide however a large part of the stuff.

Cabinet Interior ideas of exploit under staircase

On small areas, you can compensate for the lack of space through smart ideas. It welcomes every opportunity that arises to create more storage space. The cupboard under the stairs and the stairs with drawers are such. Why this area so empty to leave if you can make the interior design compact by their functional transformation? It is very much estimated such practical ideas in small spaces.

Cabinet side table under Andre staircase black armchair

It would be so good if you worry about designing your stairway, how you can make this functional. In this way, partially relieve the Interior and ensure an attractive interior design.

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