Current nail trends 2017/2018 – The 15 most exciting nail polish trends

Well-groomed hands and a good manicure always fall and stand for a tasteful style. This enhances the overall look and finishes. Just as fashion is designed for rapid change, there are trends in the nail design itself. The focus is on bright colours, sparkling accents, but also classic berry nuances and delicate nude tones for those who want to be less eccentric. In the following, we will inform you about the nail polish colours and other current nail tips in the 2017/2018.


Pantone’s official trend colours are “Kale” and “Greenery”. They conquer our wardrobe in spring and summer and provide a fresh and positive radiance. Dieselben also comes on the nails. Greenery combines well with light grey, white, beige or dark blue. If the new green colour is too bright and does not necessarily affect your taste, you should prefer the green shade “Kale”. It means in German “green cabbage” and this year is a trend colour. It looks particularly good with white, pink or orange.

current trends Brand-2017-2018-blue-state

In summer 2017 one of the current nail polish trend colours is the blue. Particularly color-intensive and blue-green nuances such as turquoise green and azure blue, but also gray-blue are a true all-rounder. However, the blue does not match any skin tone. Ladies with very light skin should use darker nuances. Too bright notes make the hands look pale and sickly. A deep blue with a light texture reminiscent of ocean and sand is a perfect nail design for the summer holiday. current trends Brand-2017-2018-bronze color-nail polish current trends Brand-2017-2018-chad-glittery current trends Brand-2017-2018-chrome-powder-gold-silver current trends Brand-2017-2018-course-nude current trends Brand-2017-2018-diamond-manicure current trends Brand-2017-2018-kale-greenery-green current trends Brand-2017-2018-metallic accents current trends Brand-2017-2018-metallic glitter current trends Brand-2017-2018-nude-color

red nails
red nails
current trends Brand-2017-2018-red-orange-gaudy
 current trends Brand-2017-2018-tint-nails-abstract