Curtain with fabric strips

Bored of the curtains always classic and traditional? Do not despair, look at how you can make a curtain novel using nothing but scraps of fabric to cut it into strips. You can mix the color ‘s sake , even use prints that combine.


Striped curtains in linen or cotton that will provide the decor of your home that warm atmosphere, cozy and elegant at the same time.
Colored striped curtains roasted, natural, gray and soft colors red, green, brown or blue. In our online store you have selected for striped curtain fabrics with a touch that makes them special and different.

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Rod curtains
Choosing fabrics


– The only more complicated to consider in this home craft is that the length of the fabric strips are more or less the same size .

– You can mix the colors you love most , as you can see in the picture of the finished work, which were used in pastel yellow and pink.

– You simply attach the strips to stick the curtain , interspersing colors and nothing else.

– Now just put the rod in the window and enjoy your curtain completely new and different .

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