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More and more manufacturers of wallpaper collections in matching fabrics added.The fabrics matching wallpaper is a great resource to decorate the room following the same style. How many times we liked a decorative object and then put it in the room there was no way to find suitable combinations? Color is not accurate, the pattern is difficult to combine, etc … Well with matching fabrics problem solved! With them you can make from a quilt, until a few covers for cushions … but certainly, the flagship product are the curtains . It can be made ​​with a single ply or combined two different fabrics. The result is spectacular and matched the wallpaper and border .


Decide what color your wallpaper in room is one of the most important aspects of the decor, as it depends on the room look more or less light, more or less broad, more or less cozy … Before choosing the color, it should be noted that this must be combined with the furniture, fabrics and pavement. It’s what decorators call “color schemes”: a group of two or three tones used as the basis for any decor.

These schemes determine the effect to be achieved. Thus, the tonal pattern (comprising different shades of a single color or by different colors tend to one tone) creates serene environments. The harmonic scheme (where you choose colors that are next to each other on the color wheel, for example, brown, and softest natural, near the black tones and with a bit of white) ensures a joint result and enveloping.

For its part, the contrast scheme (consisting of opposite colors on the color wheel, such as blue and red), produces an effect more daring and shocking: and dose should balance the colors chosen to prevent the result is very striking.

If the soil is light colored jewel tones used for the walls and fabrics. You will gain warmth. It is also good to know the vocabulary of color and wallpaper. And you have also simulator environments different makes Bruguer, Valentine, who are also exclusive distributors of Home Decor, and one of the best brands of paints for home or Titan, although the latter is a bit tricky as you have to take a picture of the room to decorate and then download a program.

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