Cushions that break the mold

Although at first glance may pass unnoticed, a cushion is capable of combining well with the decor of the rooms of your home. So then we present some original proposals that break with traditional patterns. Want to innovate? Want to surprise? Then you came to the right place.

No need to buy many cushions, just to hit one. While many people still think that the cushions are made to decorate the bed, you demonstrate that you can combine styles and trends with original pillows.

Designs cushions for your interior
Playful design cushions
This proposal belongs to Erinn Valencich , who introduces new ideas for decorating bedrooms with a feminine, casual and visually fun. In this model we can see how the colors black and white artistic play with the balance of the environment.

Cushions of dazzling colors
This design by Shelly Riehl David appeals to the use of multiple colors to create a cozy feel, ideal for a break or meet friends in a pleasant conversation.
The rose gold is the bet for this floral and colorful environment.

Cushions radiant
But if it rose, then there is no better alternative than print pillows with a bold touch of pink shades. The design is by Judith Balis , who prefers the unusual decor, original and unconventional. Worth risking.

Flower Power
Again, Shelly Riehl David shows us that you can further imagine in the world of decoration. It’s amazing what a couple of pillows can do when they are in the right place, combining with floral arrangements and color of the environment. Awesome!

Floral Game
Christopher J. Grubb gives this tone graphics design that balances perfectly with colors like pink and orange. The unique touch and style of home office may be better if you include a pillow case.

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