Danish hardwood furniture handmade

Danish wood furniture with organic aesthetic or functional sculptures – as are the products of WoodnWonder. It’s handmade furniture from a certain type of wood – Douglas fir. The furniture is stable and usable and wear the typical characteristics of the individual tree. Every piece of furniture was soul and personality in the processing process gives.

DANISH arbeitsplats solid wood furniture Desk table goals of functionally feet organic design

The Douglas fir is a conifer and originated in North America. In the 19th century, was brought to Europe by a plant collector and is named after him. This type of wood excels with wider growth rings in the younger years, and fine in the future. They are characterized with resistance to fungi, insects and external influences. The wood is elastic and solid, is used mostly for ceiling and wall coverings. Especially decorative looks for manufacture of furniture.

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The wood is cut with a chainsaw, then shaped and hand-crafted. Danish wood furniture, such as tables, stools and functional holders or shelves are very made in Danish wood, of course PEFC and FSC certified. For the design, the natural characteristics of the individual piece play important role. Cracks, saw marks, also branches and surfaces are inserted in the final design. The surfaces are just oiled and treated extremely with eco-friendly means. Each piece of furniture is stamped with the logo of the company. This Danish wood furniture stand out with unique design – balance between raw and rounded, solid and fragile, rustic and abstract.

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DANISH halter shelves solid wood furniture

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