Dare to paint the walls black

The black color is not very usual to paint the walls, other furniture or used in curtains and other textiles, but again not in the wall paint. It turns out that black absorbs light, and this can have undesirable effects on the environment. But used in moderation and intelligent are achieved very pleasing results.

decorating black wall

Of course I completely rule to paint all the walls if you do not have good lighting, but for one in particular or highlight a sector is perfect. A light on a wall cabinet black, or dark gray, can result in a nice, sophisticated contrast. You can use chalkboard paint for some environments.

The best and highly recommended is that the availability of good lighting environment, is the key requirement to not create a depressed and gloomy, much better if is large and high ceiling.

I recommend combining it with a light shade, the most popular is the duo white and black , but also can be accompanied by soft gray, bone, warm green, beige and ocher. For details you can choose strong colors and natural tones.

If you are motivated to use a dark gray black or dark gray, you will notice that it creates a visual effect of depth, and looks stylish and modern as long as you have with the right lighting. At night, artificial light should be abundant and a cool color scheme.Although this combination is the one that best suits him to modern and minimalist decorations can be applied in all kinds of environments, including classic interiors, it is increasingly common to include white and black in decorating.

Usually in an interior where they committed these tones can be worked in two ways: one is to use white as the “base color” in the paint on the walls and floors and include furniture, fabrics and decorative some in black.

Another way is just the opposite, black base that can be given by the walls or dark coatings, flooring and fabrics, using different objects as white fabrics and accessories. But surely this is a more risky and only useful in spacious, well-lit environments.

Very often the contrast is often cut with the touch of a different color. Luce beautiful indoor plant, a flower, a fabric, a small wall or decorative part to give a distinctive touch.




black & white house decor






gray bedroom

living room black lacquer glossy wall paint