Dark wall cladding out of wood as a minimal accent

This apartment of a three-member family is located in Minsk, Belarus. It is characterized by neutral shades that are achieved mainly by wood. Add interesting colorful accents come, a perfect atmosphere both represent for the adults of the household, as also for the daughter. But we would like to draw their attention mainly on the dark wood cladding.

dark gray wall tiling idea kitchen holzdesign white back wall mirror

A dark wood cladding is reflected not only in the living room, and especially behind the seating area. The smooth surface is there is supplemented by an interesting bar design at the Office of the apartment. The wall panel in the Home Office is combined with upper cabinets and a shelf, providing at the same time practical storage space. The effective carpet there represents a further dark accent. It has an attractive design with braided patterns.

Dark wall tiling computer kids wooden workspace desk lamp modern

Anyway, wall panels, but also wood as a material play a large role in this attractive apartment. In the nursery, for example, while no dark wood cladding finds herself, but yet light wood serves as a bench that can be used as a reading corner wonderfully. A darker accent but still happens in this room. Namely, a round rug, which has the same design as the model in the Office is located in front of the tent.

dark gray tiles wall tiling wood bath wet cell

The bathroom of the apartment with dark wood cladding is rather monochromatic. Grey tiles make a nice combination with white furniture, as well as a black wall covering. A modern, minimalist look, which is even further enhanced by the tinted glass walls in the wet room is created in this way.

Dark wall tile washbasin wood original design bathroom

Like you can see more photos from the contemporary apartment, which has a dark wood cladding. Find out whether you like bright, monochrome interiors, like this and be inspired by it!

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Dark wall tiling from idea to shelf books desk wooden chair Home Office

Dark wall tiling grey wood carpet pattern modern coffee table

Dark wall tiling office chair indirect lighting metal wood home

Dark wall tiling reading corner up wood nursery bench pendant lights-light wood

Dark wall tiling wood bathroom monochrome white bathroom cabinet

Dark wall tiling wood bedroom wardrobe white round carpet

Dark wall tiling wood black and white tiles toilet design

Dark wall tiling wood contemporary

Dark wall tiling wood dining area around dining chairs black lamp

Dark wall tiling wood glass shower wall tinted black

Dark wall tiling wood isolation playing girl room desk light gray laminate

Dark wall tiling wood kitchen minimalist white gray

Dark wall tiling wood mural floral motifs lounge gray color

Dark wall tiling wood of pedestal closets kitchen worktop dark gray

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Dark wall tiling wood wall mirror stool seating

Dark wall tiling wood wardrobe lighting gray flooring

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wall tiling idea dark parquet flooring tiles mirror wall accent